Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Papier Mache Projects

I've been working on some more papier mache projects recently, and revisiting some old ones. Meet Dora the doorstop cat. 

I am giving Dora the cat doorstop a makeover, she's now 15 years old and has faithfully held doors open or closed all that time. 

She's looking a bit battered and tired so she will get a new coat of paint and varnish. 

She has a small crack on one of her ears that I will fix with a little pulp.

I will keep the same features and colors though as this was the very first doorstop I made. 

I love this style of doorstop and they are surprisingly heavy even though they are made from papier mache. I have started another one and Freddy the Frog doorstop should be ready to hop along to Dora's side really soon. 


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