Sunday, 17 July 2011

Handmade Monday - Candle Holders

I've not posted for a while, I've been feeling sorry for myself and had to give myself a good talking to. I'll talk about that in a moment but first here are the candle holders I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

The one above started life as a pasta sauce jar. I have put pebbles in it to add weight and to lift the candle up to the window.

I made another one from an old coffee jar and left the string unpainted.
 They make great outdoor candle holders as they protect the candle from the wind.
I have made a tutorial for these Outdoor Candle Holders on my website.

I'm off to check out all the other craft stories at Wendy's blog 1st Unique gifts for this weeks Handmade Monday. Do pop over and have a look as there are some very talented people posting there.

It's not fair! Why me?

I have many things to be thankful for and I know I shouldn't feel like this but it is hard sometimes. Now if you want to hear my rant about why I've been feeling down here it is you've been warned.
I had my ears tested a few weeks back, as my tinnitus has got worse. I've had moderate hearing loss for years since I was a child so I'm used to not hearing well. The audiogram showed I now have severe hearing loss and if it continues at the same rate I could be profoundly deaf within 5 years.
I took it in my stride but now I'm having problems with my eyes, double vision and dark patches. It is thought that this may be due to my fibro and will occasionally flare then get better. I know I'm whining but I've always had perfect eye sight and I lip-read, if I lose my sight I will be totally isolated. So I've been feeling scared and sorry for myself but I've given myself a good talking to and will now stop whinging.
Sorry for the rant and thanks for listening.


  1. Your jar lanterns are great! very original designs and they look great with the light inside!

    so sorry to hear about your health problems. please stay positive and keep strong. fingers x you will be ok in the future x

  2. They are lovely makes. Sometimes you need to let off steam - the vision and hearing problems would be scary to anyone. I hope they find some solutions for you x

  3. Hello, love the jars they look fantastic when lighted up and a great use of jars. I'm sorry to hear about your health. I suffer with pain and back problems and it does get you down sometimes so can understand your worries but please keep your chin up as at least you have your crafting and the crafting community who are great when you feel low in making you feel better. Chin up and keep crafting - oh and I would only give yourself a good talking to in private and not in public as the men in little white jackets will take you away! lol

  4. Love the candle jars. You are entitled to feel sorry for yourself, let's face it we all do and you certainly have some hurdles to jump and agree it is scary. Take care.

  5. The finished jars look great. We all need a rant every now and again. Sounds like you've got a lot to cope with at the moment, stay positive

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments and support, it means a lot.

  7. The jam jars are fab and i will have a good look at the tutorial i think :) sorry to read about your problems and i hope that it works out x

  8. Love those jars - the coffee jar one is particularly nice.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you find some answers soon and can get some help to stave off any further deterioration.

    Ali x

  9. A great tutorial and easy to follow. They would look really good on my patio.
    It's good to let off steam now and again, I hope you are not feeling too down and things improve.

    Jan x

  10. Those candle holders are amazing! Going on my to craft list :)