Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Papier Mache Projects

I've been working on some more papier mache projects recently, and revisiting some old ones. Meet Dora the doorstop cat. 

I am giving Dora the cat doorstop a makeover, she's now 15 years old and has faithfully held doors open or closed all that time. 

She's looking a bit battered and tired so she will get a new coat of paint and varnish. 

She has a small crack on one of her ears that I will fix with a little pulp.

I will keep the same features and colors though as this was the very first doorstop I made. 

I love this style of doorstop and they are surprisingly heavy even though they are made from papier mache. I have started another one and Freddy the Frog doorstop should be ready to hop along to Dora's side really soon. 


Monday, 14 January 2013

Yarn Dolls

I've been doing lots of yarn crafts recently, using up lots of the odd bits left over from larger projects.

My craft room seems cold at this time of year even with the heating on.  
So I've been sitting in the living room with watching telly and working with lovely warm, brightly colored yarns. 

Making this yarn doll took me right back to being a kid again. We made loads of these, sorting through my Mum's scrap wool bags. 
My own kids used to make them when they were small too. My daughter remembered them as soon as she saw this one. 

You can find the tutorial on my site Mia's Craft Ideas


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Worry Dolls

These gorgeous little worry dolls are really addictive. I made some of these years ago for my kids when they were little. 

They are really easy to make but quite addictive too. I thought I'd make one and put up the tutorial on my site and before I knew it I had a whole family of them including the dog.
I've always made them a little differently than the traditional worry dolls, which were made from wooden sticks. I use pipe cleaners so the dolls are flexible and can stand, sit down or give the dog a hug. 
You will find the tutorial here

Origami Hearts

These origami hearts make a great Valentine's day project. 

You won't need any special materials or equipment just a sheet of paper and lots of patience. They are quite easy to make but the patience is important as there are a lot of steps.
The size of the heart will depend on how big your piece of paper is. A good starting point is to take an A4 piece of paper and cut it to make a square. 

The folds create a stand for the heart as well so they will stand up on their own.
If you'd like to have a go yourself visit my Origami Hearts pages to see the whole tutorial. 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

My New Tote Bag - Thanks Caroline

First of all my apologies, I haven't blogged for ages I haven't even visited the craft forum for weeks. I have been busy though, I am writing a series of e-books to compliment my website.This has left me hardly any time do actually do much craft work.
I had a fibro flare a few weeks back and decided I'd better try and get the e-books I have planned written before another bad flare comes a long.

Enough about me I had to tell you about my new tote bag that Caroline from Redneedle Sewing made for me.
Have a look at Caroline's shop Redneedle on Folksy she has some gorgeous items for sale.

I have had to use a wheelchair to go shopping for over 3 years now. I have been looking for a pretty shopping bag that would fit nicely over the handles of the wheel chair.
You would think that would be easy, well think again. I had almost given up when I saw the tote bag on  Caroline's blog

After a few emails back and forth Caroline was able to make the bag in the most gorgeous fabric for a very reasonable price. The bag is lined and has an internal pocket and and outside pocket.The nicest thing is she was able to redesign it so the handles are on the side, they fit over the handles on the wheel chair and the bag isn't all twisted like all the other shopping bags I've seen.

The photo isn't great but the bag is perfect.Thanks again Caroline from one very happy customer.

I'm having a break from writing so I hope to have some of my own makes to show you next week. I'm off to Wendy's blog to check out all the other Handmade Monday posts. If you love crafts do join me as you will find loads of lovely makes and crafty stories.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Handmade Monday 31

I've been really busy with doctors, optician and hospital appointments this week. Hasn't left a lot of time for crafting. I do have my new glasses though to try to help with my double vision problems. I am off to Bath RUH next week to get my new hearing aids too I do hope they will help.
I have finished the piggy money box my daughter wanted for her birthday. She is 16 but loves farm animals she is hoping to be a dairy farmer and will be starting the level 2 diploma in agriculture at college in Sept.

Here are a few pics of the finished papier mache money box. It doesn't have a name yet as I have left that up to her.

Sorry about the photo's they aren't very good, the pig is bright pink, black and grey. It does have a slot in the top and underneath is a plastic stopper, to get the money out. This was great to make and I think I will be making some more to sell, I am going to experiment with other animals too.
Pop over to see what everyone else has been up to for handmade Monday at Wendy's blog 1st Unique Gifts.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Handmade Monday 30

I've been busy trying to get to grips with facebook this week. You can see my efforts at Mias Craft Ideas on facebook

I have managed to do some quick crafts and have put up a few new tutorials on my website.
How to make a pom pom
Drinking straw bracelet

Pasta necklace

 Making the pom poms were great and really took me back to when I was a kid. My mum has always loved knitting so there was always odd balls of yarn around. She taught us how to make pom poms so we made loads. The drinking straw bracelet and pasta necklace were crafts I discovered when my own kids were small. It's amazing how versatile a bag of macaroni can be. My kids all used painted pasta as counting beans to help with their maths. These are all really quick and easy crafts that are really cheap and make great finished products.

I'm going to pop over to Wendy's blog at  1st Unique Gifts to see what everyone else has been up to this week. I hope you will join me as there are loads of very talented people joining in every week.